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Homesickness and Bakeries

I miss home. I know, living in Switzerland sounds romantic and all, but still, I’m really missing home even though I found this article on homesickness interesting.

Dec and January in lowland Switzerland is not beautiful. It is gray and dreary, mostly. When the sun comes out and the skies are blue, that makes a difference. Everything brightens up. But the days are short, and it’s very cold, and it’s just . . . well . . . gray.

On the positive side, our living situation is kind of an adventure.

We are living over a bakery.  If you have never experienced a European Bakery, you should look for something like this.  The couple that runs the bakery used to live here, with their kids. They moved to a smaller place in a nearby town when the kids grew up, and the upstairs over the bakery has been empty.

Our hosts found this place and arranged for us to rent it. There are two floors. Directly over the bakery is our living room, kitchen/dining room, bathroom, and two bedrooms. On the top floor is the master bedroom and two small bedrooms.

Brad and I and the kids are in the bedrooms on the top floor.

We have only one way to get out of our living areas, and that’s down a staircase that goes into a hall that goes through the bakery. On one side of the hall is the bakery itself. On the other side is the shop where they sell their goods, and an office.

So when we leave the house, we usually run into one of the bakery staff.  I honestly don’t like that part of the arrangement. They’re nice people, but it’s just not very private.

The bakery is on one corner in the dead center of town. I mean, we can see EVERYTHING that happens in town from our windows. We can also hear every single truck that rumbles by. Holy cow, they are loud. The windows shake!

Directly across from us is the town hall, with bunches of flags hanging from poles. On the other side of the intersection is the butcher and the post office.

This town has been around for 951 years. I don’t know, that just blows my mind. That’s almost a thousand years old. A THOUSAND years!

This year, in the fall, they’re putting on a big festival for the 951st birthday of the town’s founding. Yeah, I know. 951. LOL!  What we were told is that the powers-that-be forgot about the anniversary last year, when it would have made more sense to celebrate: the 950th birthday.

How can a group of people forget something like that? It seems really funny.

But anyway, big festivities are in order, apparently. The baker has already told us that we should have red geraniums in all of the window boxes for the celebration.

Apparently, when he and his family lived over the bakery, they always had red geraniums in the window boxes. The boxes are currently sitting empty, outside in a shed. I guess that will be a spring project for us, which actually sounds like fun.

Gotta run and cook up some mac n cheese for dinner.

About Me

Civil Ensign of Switzerland    

My husband’s company has moved us to Switzerland for a year or two or three, and I’m starting this blog to record some memories. I have two little kids—ages 2 and 5—and obviously they came too, so we’re all kind of adjusting together.

We moved from Southern California, land of eternal sunshine. Except, of course, in the summer when we experience the June Gloom and we see zero sunshine because it’s foggy until noon.

Also, it’s not confined to June. This climatic phenomenon also occurs in July and August. It should really have been named the June, July, and August Gloom, but oh well. No one asked me.

I’ve already gotten off track . . . the proverbial bunny hopping off down a rabbit trail.

So here we are in our adopted country, and I don’t want to forget anything. I’m lousy at journal keeping but I think writing a blog will work. I like the potential for interaction, too, that isn’t there in a journal.

So feel free to comment or ask questions. I already miss everyone back home so it can be a way for me to keep in touch with you, too.




Hi just wanted to drop you a note to say you are welcome here. I hope that you find a place you want to come to often and hang out. Glad you are here!