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About Me

Civil Ensign of Switzerland    

My husband’s company has moved us to Switzerland for a year or two or three, and I’m starting this blog to record some memories. I have two little kids—ages 2 and 5—and obviously they came too, so we’re all kind of adjusting together.

We moved from Southern California, land of eternal sunshine. Except, of course, in the summer when we experience the June Gloom and we see zero sunshine because it’s foggy until noon.

Also, it’s not confined to June. This climatic phenomenon also occurs in July and August. It should really have been named the June, July, and August Gloom, but oh well. No one asked me.

I’ve already gotten off track . . . the proverbial bunny hopping off down a rabbit trail.

So here we are in our adopted country, and I don’t want to forget anything. I’m lousy at journal keeping but I think writing a blog will work. I like the potential for interaction, too, that isn’t there in a journal.

So feel free to comment or ask questions. I already miss everyone back home so it can be a way for me to keep in touch with you, too.